2/18/19 – Belittling The Second Coming? (Quick Read)

“Reform Church, you talk so much about everything Jesus did in His first coming. But what about Jesus’ second coming? Aren’t you belittling the second coming of Jesus by only majoring on His first coming?”

Yes, yes we are gladly belittling the second coming of Jesus. As we should. Because nothing big is going to happen in His second coming. In fact, nothing will be accomplished at all in Jesus’ second coming. All that Jesus ALREADY accomplished with His ONE sacrifice will merely be manifested in those who haven’t manifested it all yet. And if you’d like to manifest the benefits of Jesus’ finished work in you now: Start listening. Start learning. It’s already done. Why would you wait? The day to receive is TODAY (Heb. 4:6-7).

If we wait for another day in the future to receive, it would only be for our lack of knowledge. Because nothing more is going to happen. All that’s left is for us to get a clue of what’s already done, and then therefore, see it manifest through us.It’s so easy. Let the Lord teach you by giving your attention over fully to Him. And watch the power of God manifest through you.