Do We Need To Apologize To God? (Quick Read)

Do we need to apologize to God when we do something wrong? In short, no.

In the church today, our idea of sin is that God is presently dealing with it as it is committed. And so an apology seems fitting because how could we just ignore it? Of course it needs to be addressed. Surely God is looking at us, tapping his foot, waiting for us to apologize, right?

No. God is not dealing with your sin or the sin of the world anymore! Ever! Over 2,000 years ago God addressed all sin in the body of Jesus. All sin! Yours, mine, everyone’s!

You apologize after you do something wrong because you feel it should be addressed. And that’s where you’re so wrong! Not that it shouldn’t be addressed, but because it has already been addressed! Amends have already been made (2 Cor. ‪5:19‬ calls it “reconciliation”)! And your apology never could and never will have the power to make amends between you and God. Never! That’s why Jesus came.

He is the mediator (the amends-maker) between us and the Father. And He did that a long time ago.

Get with the times. Stop addressing your sin before God with apologies and confessions. You’re forgiven by faith, once for all time, because Jesus made amends for you. Praise God!