Time Travel (Article)

Often in movies you’ll see concepts thrown around about time travel. It seems like just a silly thing that you can overlook, but much of the reason why people might wish to travel back in time is to change the present.

For instance, when you say something you shouldn’t say or lose your temper, you might say, “I wish I could just go back in time and change that.” Or if a loved one is hurt or killed in some tragic accident you might say, “If I could just go back and change that scenario, that tragedy wouldn’t have happened.”

All of this thinking is extremely common to people when they have regrets, past tragedies, etc. Time travel seems like it would be such a beneficial salvation to many problems. Yet all of these notions are horrifically unbelieving and antichrist. Why would I say that? You have to be completely ignorant of the resurrection and restoration that Jesus has provided in order to think of time travel this way.

For instance, why in the world do you need to go back in time to stop a loved one from dying? Resurrection is what Jesus provided! Stop crying, start learning what Jesus did, and you’ll have your loved one back and in better condition then they started!

Why do you need time travel to go back in time to change a decision of yours? Anyone you hurt in the process can be healed, anything you broke can be restored many times over, and everything you have ever done or ever will do is already forgiven by God through Jesus. Not to mention you have righteousness on the inside of you (as a believer) to transform your thoughts and actions wherever necessary. God has loved you.

What the heck do you need time travel for? You have restoration and resurrection power through the finished work of Jesus — in accordance with the power that raised Jesus from the dead. The thought of time travel as a wonderful fantasy is a disregard for what Jesus provided. It’s a human way of seeking an alternate solution to the work of Jesus.

In short, there’s nothing that Jesus’ provision can’t fix. Nothing. So why do you need to go back in time to change the present? What Jesus provided can already change your present circumstances. Any of them.

He can renew your mind, heal your emotions, transform your body, resurrect the dead, make you as physically wealthy as He is wealthy in power… wait, does it sound like you have a legitimate reason to be upset? Time travel? Really? It’s a sorry excuse for a solution. Thanks anyway, we’ve got better.

Stop crying. Start learning Jesus. He fixed everything.