11/29/19 – The Truth About Funerals (Article)

Over the years the Lord has taught us a lot. Not among the least of things is: Jesus died to give us life and immortality.

2 Timothy 1:10 – …our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel…

Here are some reasons people typically do funerals:

1) People usually hold funerals as a memorial to the person who has died. People resort to remembering a person who has died because they believe they are gone. And if a person isn’t going to return (at least not in this life) then all we have is a memory of them. This is a completely incorrect thing to believe. It disguises itself as a respect to someone who has died, but is in fact a complete denial of the fact that all people can be raised up even easier than they died — thanks to our Resurrection and Life, Jesus (John 11). If we really believed that these people were just sleeping and could easily be raised, why would we waste our time memorializing someone who can be back in no time? It makes as much sense as holding a memorial service when a loved one takes a nap. It’s nonsensical. Acts 9:36-40 is one example of this. The apostle Peter sent a group of people out of the room (who were memorializing a woman who had died) before he would even pray and raise the woman up. Jesus also did this with unbelief before preparing to raise someone from the dead (Mat. 9:25).

2) On a better note, one might say “But we can hold a funeral to encourage one another – not to mourn, but to celebrate the work of Jesus.” And of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. But to be honest, we just call that a church service.

And for the above reasons we don’t do funerals. We respect any person who has died (just like we respect those that are living), but we know the truth. And when you get to know what Jesus did, funerals stop making sense.