1/27/20 – I Believe In This (Article)

At Reform Church, we know that what the Lord has spoken to us is the truth. And according to what the Lord has spoken to us we deliver that truth — whether that be through messages, articles, clips or just through one-on-one conversations.

The Gospel the Lord has spoken to us isn’t a common thing you hear today. If you think it’s common, you’re probably misunderstanding something we’re saying. 

We’ve had lots of people come, hear the message and leave. In fact, with only a few exceptions, just about every person that agreed with our preaching when we first started the church have left and new people have come. This goes to show you the change (you could say reform) that our preaching has undergone over the past 10 or so years.  It’s radically different in so many ways than what we used to think and preach. 

With all that said, the Lord has changed our thinking so drastically in the recent years and we believe in this message. This isn’t a dime-a-dozen local Christian church. This is a message that every believer on this planet needs to hear, and then the rest of the world too.

We believe that all of us together are the body of Christ — not just Pastor Jose and Miss Kim. As of right now, I give every dime I can to this ministry because I believe wholeheartedly in it. If I didn’t know how much Jesus advocated this ministry, I’d want to say I am it’s biggest fan.

So I want to ask you, would you be willing to support this ministry? I mean if you receive from this ministry — online or in person. 

This Gospel is precious to the purpose of God. I am standing with this ministry in any way I can. I believe in this. 

If you believe in this ministry, please consider giving back to it whatever you can to make sure the bills get paid on time, the lights and heat stay on, and the Gospel gets preached. 

We believe in free-will giving, not obligatory debt (see our What We Believe page), but if every person set aside a percentage according to how the Lord has prospered them, you’d be supporting the greatest thing in the world… the truth of Jesus. 

If you already give what you can, thank you for your support! If you haven’t joined the rebellion yet, or you feel led to up your support, we will put your God-given resources to good use. I promise you that. 

This isn’t your local, traditional Christian church. Nah, this is a movement. We’ve been given a better Gospel than what’s being so heavily peddled out there today. And we know so many of you see this and agree. 

If you benefit at all from this ministry, would you join us? 

Your consistent monthly or weekly giving enables this preaching. Give online here or (even better) give in person at one of our weekly services. We’ll see you there. 

1 Corinthians 16:1-2 (KJV)
Now concerning the collection for the saints… let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him…

I believe in this,
Pastor Mike

P.S. Happy Anniversary RC! Preach ‘till Jesus comes back!