2/25/20 – Monthly Partnership (Update)

Reform Church has a monthly giving feature. If you give online every month or if you’d like to partner with us, click here and then make sure you check “Make this a monthly donation.” This will automatically enroll you in a monthly partnership.

We know that a lot of our audience is strictly online. So if you already give online or you’d like to, be sure to check out this feature.

We are setting a new standard for what the church calls “truth” today. If you receive from the product (the Gospel) that we are offering, consider partnering with us to support what you’re receiving.

It’s quick, easy, and we use a reputable, trustworthy company to handle your donations. 

Join the rebellion by clicking below. And a big thank you to those who have already joined! You are responsible for furthering the Gospel we are teaching and God will further you for our sakes (Mat. 10:41).

Join Now

If you still have questions about online giving, no problem. Just visit our “Giving FAQ’s” page for more info.