4/9/20 – Sharing Spree (Update)

You may have heard Pastor Mike’s teaching from Wednesday, “The Nations That Are Saved.” If you haven’t, you should take a listen.

And in your spare time, if you’ve listened to it for yourself, would you consider sharing this message with someone else? We know that it fills in a lot of gaps and answers a lot of questions Christians have today. It could greatly benefit whoever you’d share it with.

With Reform Church’s messages in general, let’s share them with anyone you feel led to share them with. Let’s take a time of outbreak, in which people are increasingly pessimistic, and make it the best of times for the spread of the Gospel!

On our website, whenever you click the title of any of our messages, you will see “Share” buttons conveniently placed below. Or you can always copy the web address to paste it wherever you’d like.

Click here for Pastor Mike’s message, “The Nations That Are Saved.”

Click here for all of our messages.

Let’s go on a sharing spree. People need to know the Truth. Thanks everyone!