8/20/20 – The Truth Campaign (RC Mail)

We’ve been encouraging everyone to share RC messages with people you know. It’s really the best way to get this Gospel out, but we wanted to give you a specific message that could introduce someone to the Love of God, possibly for the first time. 

At least for now, we think the following clip is one of the best clips to share with people who haven’t heard what we preach before.

We believe in people sharing voluntarily and not under obligation, but if you would consider sharing this clip with anyone you feel would receive it, it would make a great difference for the Gospel in this world. It really would. 

Let someone know that God isn’t judging them and show them the invitation God has given them, through Jesus, to receive everything He has. 

You are currently the best form of advertising for the Gospel we preach. If you believe in this, let’s share it like crazy. 

Share “God’s Not Judging You (Convo Clip)” and join the Truth Campaign. 

The URL is below. You can simply copy and paste it anywhere (email, social media, etc).