That’s My Mind Being Renewed (Quick Read)

The world has disabilities, grey hair, belly fat, wrinkles, pains, and personality flaws. Believers? Nah! Believers only have unrenewed minds. 

What do I mean? I mean that all these things are part of who the world is. It is a fixed part of their identity. But for a believer, you’ve got all the good-looks and perfect bodily image of Jesus in you. You’ve got all the vibrance and long-lasting health of Jesus in you. So those outward things are nothing but things you are growing out of. All of these things are fading away from you as you take a look at your mirror, Jesus, and learn what you truly look like through Him! Take a good look!

So the next time someone points out, “Hey, you’ve got ______ (name an outward characteristic). You can say “No, look again. That’s just a part of my mind that’s still being renewed. See now?”

You look so good in Christ, it couldn’t be, but for an unrenewed mind, that you even have a trace of an earthly characteristic left over on the outside. That’s how much you have in Jesus.