“Bible-Believing” (Quick Read)

If you ask literally any Christian today, “Are you a Bible-believing Christian?“ They will undoubtedly tell you, “Yes!“ I think that most Christians BELIEVE that they are Bible-believing, but I think it’s less common than you might suppose.

At Reform Church, this is actually what we’ve encountered more times than not:

People that are loyal to what their last church taught, more so than biblical evidence that differs. 

People that are not willing to forsake traditional Christianity and the status quo, even in the face of biblical proof.

People that won’t believe anything that seems to contradict what they see, feel, or have experienced before. 

I know most believers THINK that they are strictly “Bible-believing“ but I think that term is used too loosely. Most people are supremely uncomfortable with anything that is different than what they’ve heard before, even if it’s true. If you are a “Bible-believing Christian,” don’t be afraid to leave everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve seen, and everything you’ve experienced before, if the teaching is biblically proven, and most importantly, makes perfect sense with the cross of Christ. That’s truly being Bible-believing. We need more people like that.