The Truth About Funerals [UPDATED] (RC Mail)

Two years ago, we released an article called “The Truth About Funerals.” Unlike most churches across America and across the world, Reform Church doesn’t hold memorial services for people. Why? Well, because we don’t believe death is permanent — far from it. We believe that we have the same power that raised Jesus from physical death (Eph 1). But because this is so controversial (even amongst believers who say they believe that have the power that raised Jesus), we have updated our article to include more information regarding the topic. This will also help you defend your biblical position regarding funerals.

You’ll find the newly updated article by clicking here. Here’s a taste of it…

“Do you hold a memorial service when your loved ones take a nap? Why don’t you? Because you know that they will wake up. You know it’s temporary. When people hold “memorial services,” that’s a clear indication that they have no plans of that person ever waking up again. If Jesus commanded His disciples to raise the dead, why shouldn’t believers heed that? Do we just take certain things that Jesus commanded and not others? So, will we love our neighbors because Jesus commanded it, yet not heed the rest of Jesus’ words?” READ MORE