This Is Real (Quick Read)

At Reform Church, when we learn about Jesus being our resurrection and life, or about our redemption from this world, or about the authority that we have over this entire universe, it’s needful for us to remember… this is real.

Don’t allow these truths to be information that floats around in your brain, not fully realizing that these things are real and inside of you. These things really do become tangible and affect your physical body and life. As you believe, you will see REAL miracles, REAL power, and REAL wisdom for your mind, because these things are REALLY inside of you and bear real, physical fruit (Gal. 3:5).

It doesn’t matter where your mind was yesterday. God just wants you to remember your inheritance today! Start remembering that these things are real and not a lie. Start getting used to what you have. Start meditating on what you’ve been taught. Set your mind on the things of Heaven inside of you (Col. 3:1). 

You have a mind. You choose what you do with it. You can turn your attention to Jesus or you can continue to think like a human being. These things are real, but unfortunately, without meditating on these things they will go unnoticed and largely unused. But you don’t need to be that way! Think on what you’ve got. Then you’ll use what you’ve got (Phm 1:6).