Whatever You Want, You Can See – Part 4 (Article)

Let’s take a moment to look back on our article series and make a few very important points. This will encourage you!

God Willing

As the name implies, we’ve been discussing that whatever you want to see manifest in your life, as long as Jesus provided it, you can see it! Many people might read these articles and say, “Doesn’t James tell us that we should not make our own plans, but simply say “If the Lord wills it…“ (James 4:15). Why then are you saying that, “Whatever we want, we can see in our life?“ Shouldn’t we simply say, “If the Lord wills it“?

There are definitely certain circumstances when it is appropriate to say, “If God wills it.“ Namely, when you are not sure whether something is God‘s will or not.

For instance, if you would like to move from your current house to a new house, you could say, “Let’s see if that’s what God wants us to do.“ That’s perfectly appropriate. But you already know that God has provided wisdom to you through Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:30). So you would never have to say, “If God wills it“ regarding God wanting to give you wisdom.

Or you could get a job offer from another company. You could certainly say, “God willing,“ if you’re unsure about the offer right now. But you already know that God wants you to prosper financially, so you would never have to say “God willing“ about that (Deuteronomy 8:18).

In short, if God tells you that He provided you something through Jesus, NEVER say, “If God wills it.“ The fact that God provided us an inheritance through Jesus is the proof in and of itself that He has ALREADY willed it. 

You may be unsure of a certain application of the power of God in your life, in which case, it is just fine to say, “God willing,” but you never have to say that regarding things you know Jesus has already provided.

Prosper Now

Here’s another important point: It’s true that you can see whatever manifestation you want in your life if you’re willing to learn from Jesus! But in the meantime, even while you’re still making progress in that area, don’t put your prosperity on hold. God didn’t jump out of you because you haven’t seen a particular manifestation in full yet. You still know the Lord and you’re still that tree planted by a river of water, with an abundance of prosperity flowing from in you (Jeremiah 17).

You know, God told Joseph that He would set him as an authority figure over his brothers. Yet, CONTRARY to the word of God, Joseph ended up becoming a slave and being put in jail. This was not of God’s doing at all and it did not have to happen. And yet, according to what Joseph knew of the Lord, he prospered wherever he was! He prospered right then and there!

Joseph wasn’t sitting there at a window, longingly looking outside, waiting around for a certain manifestation in order to prosper. At the time that Joseph was being sold into slavery — I repeat, at the time that Joseph was being sold into slavery — it says that the Lord was with him, and he was a prosperous man (Genesis 39:2).

Joseph was sold as a slave but became the head of Potipher’s house. Joseph was put into jail unjustly but became like a warden among the prisoners. Joseph continued to prosper, despite not seeing a particular manifestation quite yet.

NEVER put your prosperity on hold because a certain manifestation is still progressing. It’s like denying the entire river inside of you even exists, just because you haven’t seen a particular drop of water manifest. Don’t deny the fullness of the Holy Spirit to prosper you, just because you haven’t seen one manifestation exhibited in full.

We’re growing. Welcome to the club! But according to our knowledge, let the Lord prosper you now! 

There is surely more for you to see in your life, and you will grow in the grace of God from glory to glory, as you grow in your knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). But God can prosper you NOW. God can prosper you TODAY, regardless of what manifestation is still brewing (Hebrews 4:6-7).

Maybe you say, “Due to lack of this manifestation, it’s a big obstacle to my prosperity. But this is untrue. Do not lie to yourself. If you set your eyes hard on Jesus, God can prosper you regardless of what’s going on. Think about it, most of us would assume that being sent to prison as a slave, like Joseph, would be something of an obstacle to our prosperity. But I assure you it is not. You’re wrong thinking is the only obstacle to your prosperity. Get your head straight on who you are in Christ, and like Joseph, and even more, the Lord will prosper you NOW, not later. Because God’s in you now, not later.

And the cherry on top is, you will see that particular thing manifest in your life if you do not lose heart but continue steadfast in your knowledge of Jesus! Joseph was exalted to authority just the way he knew he would be, and he prospered despite what we would call “obstacles“ all along the way. What you think is an obstacle, God doesn’t even acknowledge. So set your eyes on Jesus NOW and prosper all along the way to that particular manifestation. Why wait? The prosperity is in you now. 

Psalms 1:1-3 (NKJV) Blessed is the man… his delight is in the law of the LORD… He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water… And whatever he does shall prosper.

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