Top Of The Food Chain – Part 2 (Quick Read)

In our last part, we talked about how we are at the “top of the food chain“ (so-to-speak) with Jesus. Many Christians have limited, to no knowledge, that they are the same as Jesus in their inheritance.

I’m not saying that you died on the cross for humanity. I am saying that you have the exact same inheritance (Romans 8:17) and are exactly like the glorified Jesus in every way, in your spirit (Hebrews 12:23). Without this knowledge it gives way to envy, inferiority, or coveting what someone else has, simply because we don’t realize that we possess everything with Jesus. So there is nothing left to envy!

Usually, if you feel jealous or inferior, your average pastor will say, “Can’t you just be happy for someone else? Even if they have something that you don’t?“ This is terrible advice for a believer. Why? Because it agrees that you’re in lack, but advises that you just don’t feel bad about it. All the while, you lack no good thing in Christ, and that is the reason why you shouldn’t feel badly!

You have everything — as much as Jesus has! The day that Jesus can feel inferior to someone else is the day that you can justify your feeling of inferiority as well. You have the same as Jesus and the same exact access to manifest it! Full stop. No exceptions (1 John 4:17). 

So, the correct advice is not, “Yes, you lack something someone else has, but just feel good about it.“ The correct advice for a believer is, “You’re at the top of the food chain with Jesus. How in the world could you feel envious of someone else if you realized that?“

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