Don’t Worry About Worry (Quick Read)

Most Christians understand that fear and worry are not from God. But sometimes, if we experience those things, we end up feeling worried about our worry, if that makes sense. We’re distraught because we know fear and worry are not from God, but your feelings are not a problem. 

Your feelings simply follow your thoughts. If you think you’re doing great, you’ll feel great. If you think something is bad, you’ll feel bad. Even if nothing bad is actually going on, you’ll still feel poorly if you think it is. Because your feelings don’t follow reality. Your feelings follow your thinking, whether it’s true or not. So don’t put so much stock in them.

This is why the Lord simply advises us to keep our mind on Him. If He is able to teach us the truth about how good we have it in Jesus, along with that, will come peace and joy.

Isaiah 26:3 (KJV) Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

So don’t worry about getting rid of worry… or fear, or sadness, or guilt, or depression, etc. These things are just manifestations of what you’re thinking about yourself or your circumstance. God wants to show you that your circumstances through Jesus are so much better than you think. The very instant you begin realizing that, is the very instant your emotions will begin to change.

Changing your thinking is a process though (Romans 1:17), so don’t let it surprise you that your emotions take time to change. Remember, they change with your thinking. If it is a process to change your thinking, then it is a process to change your emotions. But they WILL change — that’s a promise — if you’re willing to let your mind thoroughly marinate in the gospel. 

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