The Power Is Always Flowing – Part 3 (Article)

Believers may think that there are times where the power of God is moving through them and other times when it’s not. This simply contradicts everything scripture says.

2 Corinthians 3:18 (NKJV) But we all… beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

This verse says that if we behold Jesus (that’s referring to understanding Him in our mind), the Holy Spirit is in fact transforming us. That is not disputable. The Holy Spirit is presently working through you and manifesting from you if you know Jesus. And as the Lord reveals Jesus to us more, the Holy Spirit can move through us even more. As a believer, there is never a time where the power of God is not bursting forth from you like a river (John 7:38)!

But people may look at their life and say, “I feel the same. It doesn’t feel like the Lord is transforming me.“ First, I would tell you that you cannot see the Holy Spirit with your eyes. Therefore, you cannot detect with your physical senses, how much He is transforming you. This is why you need to go off of the word of God. God says He is transforming you if you know Jesus, therefore He is.

The Holy Spirit is working through you right now, and apart from the Lord giving you wisdom, you would not know that by your physical senses. Think about it. You simply don’t know how many things you have been protected from by the power of God — how many things that would have happened, that didn’t. You don’t know how many people the Lord has given you favor with, or how many words He has said through you in a conversation, or how many thoughts He has put in your mind when making a decision. Simply said: You can’t see the Holy Spirit! Your senses make a poor judge of the Spirit’s transformation. So you need to go off the word of God. 

I would also say this: Transformation is a process. Sometimes transformation happens in an obvious manner and is easier to notice. For instance, if someone is healed instantly, any person with eyeballs can see that. If someone walks on water, any carnal person can see that. And even though sudden change can certainly happen in our lives, transformation doesn’t happen all at once. That is for sure. Your knowledge is growing from one realization to another. Romans 1:17 calls it “faith to faith.” And therefore your transformation is from one manifestation of glory to another (that’s called glory to glory).

The transformation by the Holy Spirit is a progression — a gradual progression for all of us. Gradual progress does not mean no progress! And yet, if we don’t detect much changing, we assume no progress is being made. Believer, I need to assure you right now that you are making progress indeed, if your eyes are on Jesus! I repeat, you are making progress indeed, if your eyes are on Jesus. Do not let any lie from the Devil deceive you from that fact. If you’re believing, the Spirit is flowing forth. If you behold Jesus, you are being transformed.

We all need reminders like this, because sometimes we get so caught up in what our eyeballs are telling us, that we forget that big things are going on in the spiritual as we are beholding Jesus… big things that are not always detectable. It is certainly manifesting physically, but you cannot always see it working. In fact, I am convinced that most of the ways that the Lord has protected us, provided for us, changed us, impacted world events, or change the course of history, we simply do not realize even when it is happening.

For you, the power of God is always flowing. Keep your eyes on Jesus instead of setting your mind on the things of this earth. Your physical senses will never be able to tell you the truth about yourself or how much you’re being transformed. Only the Lord can, so believe Him.

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