Natural Resources – Part 1 (Quick Read)

I believe that too often we consult with natural resources around us to see whether something is possible in our life or not. If the doctor can fix it, then we feel comfortable that we can be well. If we feel smart enough, then we feel confident the task can get done. If people are favorable to us, then we are at peace that we can prosper.

If we are going to consult with all the natural resources around us before thinking something is possible, why in the world did we ever come to the kingdom of God? We could have stayed in the world if we wanted to think that way. Any human being can feel confident when they have the natural resources to do something.

The truth is, when you believed on Jesus, something actually changed! All the resources of heaven, all the power of God, and all the things that are unnatural to this world, came to live inside of you.

We often allow our natural resources to tell us whether something is possible or impossible, probable or improbable. But then we are just heavenly people, with heavenly resources, thinking like an earthly, limited, human being.

1 Corinthians 3:3 (KJV) …are ye not carnal, and walk as men?

You are too rich, and have too much potential in Christ, to limit yourself to what this earth can do for you. Stop thinking naturally and earthly and start taking inventory of all the heavenly resources you have been given in Christ. Then come back and tell me what is impossible for you.

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