I’m Growing Out Of It (Quick Read)

Jesus has provided us healing for sickness (Isaiah 53:5). He has provided resurrection for the dead (John 11:25). He has provided everlasting strength for weakness and corruption (Isaiah 40:31). And because Jesus has provided a full solution to every single problem you could possibly encounter, there’s no longer any such thing as permanent or lifelong issues. No such thing.

This is not, what the church might erroneously call, “a faith confession.” And I’m not saying that Jesus can heal you of any permanent or lifelong issues. I am telling you that there is not such a thing as a permanent or lifelong issue for a believer. It simply does not exist. Not with the cross behind us.

Any and every problem, for a believer, is something you’re simply “growing out of.“ As you grow in your knowledge of Jesus, the power of God is increasing in you and these problems start falling off (2 Corinthians 3:18). Like a child who outgrows their old shoes, your growth in the knowledge of Jesus is causing you to grow out of any problem that could possibly occur.

When you buy your four-year-old child a pair of shoes, do you plan on him wearing those shoes for the rest of his life? Of course not! Because you know he’s growing. Those shoes are just like problems in this world. Because you’re growing in your knowledge, and because the knowledge of Jesus transforms our bodies and lives, you are growing out of those old problems! The same way you would not plan on your child wearing those same shoes forever, because they’re growing, is the same way you should never perceive a problem as permanent, chronic, or lifelong. There’s literally no such thing for a believer that knows the Lord. All of it is temporary… at best.

So, the next time the doctor, your friends, or even your own supposed “common sense“ tells you that the handicap, the gray hair, the sickness, or the misfortune is permanent, take some pride in the cross, puff your chest out and say, “Oh no, this is just the temporary kind. I’m growing out of it.“ And give glory to God for your ability to say such a wonderful thing like that!

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