Read Me My Rights – Part 3 (Quick Read)

Anybody can believe that God can work miracles. Even many unbelievers know that. But it takes someone who knows the cross of Jesus Christ to say that they have been given the right to God’s miraculous power as well.

When the man Naaman, came to Israel to seek healing for his leprosy, the king said, “What? Am I God?” He knew that God could heal leprosy but had no clue that he could receive the rights to His power as well. On the other hand, Elisha, fed up with the kings’ unbelief, said, “Send them to me and you’ll know that there’s a prophet in Israel.”

It’s not that Elisha thought something of his own physical power or holiness that gave him this confidence. It’s because he knew that, through Jesus, he had full rights to utilize the power of God at every moment of every day. He knew that Jesus qualified him to partake, at all times, of the power of God. He knew his access was always available.  

Christians across the world know full well that God can heal, prosper, and work miracles. At the same time, we say things regarding healing and miracles like, “All in God’s timing” or “Whenever God wills it,” as if the timing is all up to God. Listen, if it’s regarding the things that Jesus provided, you never have to say, “All in God’s timing.” God’s timing was 2,000 years ago when Jesus said, “It is finished.” You have the right to utilize everything Jesus provided today! It’s not something you have to wonder about or be unsure about. God has already willed it (Matthew 8:3)!

Jesus already broke His flesh to give life to your body! He’s not going to do it again. Jesus already shed His blood to make you righteous. He’s not going to do that again either. The provision has been made, regardless of what you need. And you’ve been qualified to receive. You’ve got the full rights and authority to partake of this inheritance. 

Colossians 1:12 (NKJV) …giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints…

Stop thinking of Gods power as something that is separate and apart from you. Start thinking of Gods power as a part of you now and something that you have access to every minute of every day, without question. Your access is not on again off again. It’s not here a little there a little. Your access is constant because Jesus’ sacrifice was once for all time. So your access is for all time!

When you know this, and someone needs healing, instead of saying, “What? Am I God?” you’ll know your rights in Christ and say, “Send them to me.” 

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