Read Me My Rights – Part 4 (Quick Read)

We’ve been talking about how we have full rights to use the power of God, at all times in our day. This is not because we deserve the right by our own works, but our rights and access come from Jesus — which is why we can be so bold.

One thing that exposes what Christians believe about receiving from God, is our prayers. Now, contrary to popular opinion, prayer is not the way that we receive from God. We receive from God by faith in Jesus (Romans 5:2 – Listen to our teaching on prayer for more). But when you understand that you have the right to the power of God through Jesus, it certainly changes the way that you pray.

Many Christians pray like this: “God, please, please heal so-and-so,” or “God, if it be your will, please heal so-and-so.” This is the way you pray when you know that God can heal, but you have no idea that you have already been given full rights to it. 

When you understand that Jesus has given you full access to use what is His, your prayers change. They start sounding a little more like Jesus sounded in His earthly ministry. The way He prayed was simply stating what He wanted to see. His prayers sounded like “Pick up your bed and walk,” or “Lazarus, come forth.” Even to a fig tree, saying, “Let no fruit grow on you,” (which Jesus calls prayer in Matthew 21:19-22). These are the prayers of someone Who realized they had full access to the power of God. Jesus wasn’t wondering. He knew He already had the rights, and through Him, we have the same rights to the power of God that He has. It’s called being a joint-heir (Romans 8:17).

Now, remember this important fact, it doesn’t matter the words you use in prayer. You don’t receive by your words. You receive by what you believe. But when you change what you believe, it will change your words as well. When you know you have the right to use the power of God, your prayers start sounding more like “In Jesus’ name, be healed,” or “Father, heal this broken bone, in the name of Jesus.”

To many Christians, this sounds like you’re bossing God around, but let that never be said. The reason why it sounds so bold, is not because we’re bossing God around — all the contrary — it’s because God Himself has already given us access to these things through Jesus. So we’re not asking God for access to healing, resurrection life, wisdom, or for physical things to be added. We already have full rights and access to everything Jesus Himself has. When we pray, we’re simply stating what part of the inheritance that we want to see in our life at the time. Your prayers will start sounding more like Jesus, the apostles, and even many Old Testament prophets prayed, as people who understood the rights they had.

I cannot stress this enough, that the words that you use in prayer is not what is important. You’re not going to hinder you’re receiving because you don’t use certain words. It’s about your mind. And when your mind changes, your prayers will stop sounding like you’re asking for permission, and will start sounding like you know you already have permission through Jesus. It’s simply about belief in God’s Son, Who gives us bold access, whether we are praying at the time or not. It’s about what you believe.

Ephesians 3:12 (NKJV) in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.

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