3/27/21 – Updated Homepage Further! (RC Mail)

Recently we updated our homepage in order to better accommodate and direct new visitors. Well, we just added some more!

Now we’ve got a scrolling slideshow to advertise relevant portions of our website. And we now feature our different media types (Messages, Articles, Quick Reads) a lot better. That way no media is forgotten.

Take a peek! It’s much more functional and looks great too (especially on desktop).


3/13/21 – You Are Not A Hypocrite… (Article)

Ever been to church and heard the word “hypocrite“ used before? It’s a pretty common word we use in the church for people that don’t practice what they preach. If we see a preacher caught doing something wrong, lots of people would call him a hypocrite. And likewise, when a preacher sees sin prevalent in the church, he might look at that and call that hypocrisy. 

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