7/17/21 – Jesus Doesn’t Want To Be “Lord Of Your Life” (Article)

The title of this article may shock some people because it is so prevalent in the church today to call Jesus the “Lord of your life.“ But did you know that this term is not found in the Bible? More importantly, the concept of Jesus being Lord of your life is not taught in the Bible either. 

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Facebook Favorites (RC Mail)

You can find Reform Church on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other podcast sites as well (new image on Instagram, by the way). If you’re on Facebook, you may want to add Reform Church to your Facebook “favorites” which will tell Facebook that you want to see more of our posts in your news feed. Otherwise, Facebook limits the amount of posts that you see.

To do this, open the Facebook mobile app. Then tap Menu > Settings And Privacy > Settings > Favorites. Then (assuming you have already liked the Reform Church Facebook page) you can add Reform Church to your favorites. There is a video below to show you the steps.

Reform Church is raising the standard for the truth! Thank you to everyone supporting us!

7/9/21 – You Can’t Receive What Jesus Didn’t Provide (Article)

At Reform Church, we teach what the Bible teaches regarding death and eternal life. Jesus came to redeem us from physical death (that’s why He died physically) and Jesus came to give us eternal life (which is in us) that is meant to be given to our mortal bodies (Romans 8:11) to cause our bodies to live forever.

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6/28/21 – Still Seated (Quick Read)

Enjoy the fact that Jesus is still seated today. That means that all your problems are still solved, otherwise He would have to come back and fix them again. He is still seated though! Which means that His work at the cross for you is still complete. It needs nothing additional, so He remains perfectly content at the right hand of God. No more work to do. 

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