If you believe in this message, we need your help! You can join the campaign for the truth by:

1) Giving

Right now our goal is to at least cover our expenses, but we desire to take more advertising opportunities as more money is available to do so (Click here to give)!

2) Sharing messages and articles

This can be through social media, email, text, etc. If you enjoyed a message, send it out to other people! The more the merrier! And if you need help, each of our message pages have social media and email links right underneath them.

3) Giving out pamphlets

Our pamphlets contain a short sample of our teaching right on them, along with relevant information, so it can introduce someone to Reform Church. Hand them out to people or leave them whenever you are able to!

Right click here to download our Pamphlet document, or available for free on our welcome table as you enter our building.

4) Hanging up ads

Separately, we have specifically made ads to hang up — whether that be on a bulletin board at a grocery store, a community announcement board or wherever is appropriate!

Right click here to download our Hang Up Ad document, or available for free on our welcome table as you enter our building.

5) Rate And Review

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6) Contact us with any budget friendly advertising opportunities or ideas.