Read Me My Rights – Part 1 (Quick Read)

When you talk about healing, being empowered to wealth, raising the dead, or the working of any miracle, your average Christian (and even some people that aren’t Christians) will say, “Oh, I certainly believe that God can do all of those things.” But did you know that even the devil and demons believe that God can do all the above? God doesn’t want you to believe that He “can” do these things. God wants you to believe that Jesus provided these things, and that you have the right to these things through Him.

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I’m Growing Out Of It (Quick Read)

Jesus has provided us healing for sickness (Isaiah 53:5). He has provided resurrection for the dead (John 11:25). He has provided everlasting strength for weakness and corruption (Isaiah 40:31). And because Jesus has provided a full solution to every single problem you could possibly encounter, there’s no longer any such thing as permanent or lifelong issues. No such thing.

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Predestination: The Right Way (Article)

There is a doctrine you may have heard of called “predestination.” It is the concept that God chooses certain people to draw them and save them, while not choosing other people. While there is such a concept as “predestination” written clearly in the Bible, if it is taught wrong, it will prove fatal to those that believe it. So let’s hear the truth about it.

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