7/17/21 – Jesus Doesn’t Want To Be “Lord Of Your Life” (Article)

The title of this article may shock some people because it is so prevalent in the church today to call Jesus the “Lord of your life.“ But did you know that this term is not found in the Bible? More importantly, the concept of Jesus being Lord of your life is not taught in the Bible either. 

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7/9/21 – You Can’t Receive What Jesus Didn’t Provide (Article)

At Reform Church, we teach what the Bible teaches regarding death and eternal life. Jesus came to redeem us from physical death (that’s why He died physically) and Jesus came to give us eternal life (which is in us) that is meant to be given to our mortal bodies (Romans 8:11) to cause our bodies to live forever.

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3/13/21 – You Are Not A Hypocrite… (Article)

Ever been to church and heard the word “hypocrite“ used before? It’s a pretty common word we use in the church for people that don’t practice what they preach. If we see a preacher caught doing something wrong, lots of people would call him a hypocrite. And likewise, when a preacher sees sin prevalent in the church, he might look at that and call that hypocrisy. 

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