Natural Resources – Part 1 (Quick Read)

I believe that too often we consult with natural resources around us to see whether something is possible in our life or not. If the doctor can fix it, then we feel comfortable that we can be well. If we feel smart enough, then we feel confident the task can get done. If people are favorable to us, then we are at peace that we can prosper.

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Proof That God Is Not In Control Of Everything (Quick Read)

It seems like many, if not most Christians, believe that God controls everything in the universe. They feel that God can intervene in situations wherever and whenever He wants. The only way a person can believe this (and I mean the only way), is to first believe that God can communicate good things to mankind apart from Jesus — simply because He feels like it.

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To Make You Happy – Part 3: Conditional (Quick Read)

How many times have you heard that your joy should be unconditional? That you should be happy no matter what happens? They say, “If somebody wins and you lose, just be happy anyway.“ They say, “If somebody has more than you, at least be happy for them.” They say, “Even if your life is hard right now, just be happy and praise the Lord regardless of what’s going on.”

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To Make You Happy – Part 2 (Quick Read)

We speak a lot about what Jesus provided, but recently we explained WHY Jesus provided us what He did. We said that His motivation was for your enjoyment — simply to make you happy. This is not just something to make you feel better. This is, in fact, a biblically proven fact. God shared everything He has with you to make you happy! That’s the real reason.

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