8/17/21 – Jesus Only Took Punishment? (Quick Read)

When Jesus was at the cross, He said, “It is finished.” That means that Jesus was finishing ALL of our problems! But so many people will tell you, “Oh, Jesus wasn’t taking ALL of my problems at the cross. There are still problems we will go through until Jesus comes back again. Jesus was ONLY finishing the punishment for sin at the cross!“

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6/28/21 – Still Seated (Quick Read)

Enjoy the fact that Jesus is still seated today. That means that all your problems are still solved, otherwise He would have to come back and fix them again. He is still seated though! Which means that His work at the cross for you is still complete. It needs nothing additional, so He remains perfectly content at the right hand of God. No more work to do. 

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2/4/21 – To Make You Happy – Part 3: Conditional (Quick Read)

How many times have you heard that your joy should be unconditional? That you should be happy no matter what happens? They say, “If somebody wins and you lose, just be happy anyway.“ They say, “If somebody has more than you, at least be happy for them.” They say, “Even if your life is hard right now, just be happy and praise the Lord regardless of what’s going on.”

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1/23/21 – To Make You Happy – Part 2 (Quick Read)

We speak a lot about what Jesus provided, but recently we explained WHY Jesus provided us what He did. We said that His motivation was for your enjoyment — simply to make you happy. This is not just something to make you feel better. This is, in fact, a biblically proven fact. God shared everything He has with you to make you happy! That’s the real reason.

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1/15/21 – To Make You Happy (Quick Read)

This may sound overly simplistic, but it’s a heck of a revelation. Do you know why God provided what He provided for you? We talk about WHAT God provided through Jesus — life and immortality, righteousness and rest from your works. But do you know WHY God wanted to provide these things to you? Do you know what his motive was? Here it is:

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