2/12/21 – Anointing (Quick Read)

We’ve got everything we need inside of us, through Jesus. That includes the anointing (one who reveals) that teaches us everything we need to know. Any external teacher is just a help to us, not the way we hear from God for ourselves.

1 John 2:26-27 (NKJV) These things I have written to you… But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things…

2/4/21 – To Make You Happy – Part 3: Conditional (Quick Read)

How many times have you heard that your joy should be unconditional? That you should be happy no matter what happens? They say, “If somebody wins and you lose, just be happy anyway.“ They say, “If somebody has more than you, at least be happy for them.” They say, “Even if your life is hard right now, just be happy and praise the Lord regardless of what’s going on.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that all those things are totally incorrect. The Lord wants your joy to be CONDITIONAL on whether you win, on how much you have, and on how good your circumstances are. Biblical, godly, new covenant joy is based on how many possessions you have. Jesus actually refers to His possessions (His glory) as “joy” (implying that these things are the source of happiness).

Matthew 25:21 (NKJV) Enter into the joy of your lord.

The reason why you can be happy is BECAUSE you’ve beat every obstacle in this world through Jesus. You can be happy BECAUSE you’re as rich as the Father Himself. You can be happy because, despite what you may think, your circumstances have never been better as a believer. And why should you be happy otherwise? All that’s left is to learn how good you have it! Your joy should be conditional.

1 John 1:4 (NKJV) And these things we write to you [about what you have in Christ] that your joy may be full.

1/23/21 – To Make You Happy – Part 2 (Quick Read)

We speak a lot about what Jesus provided, but recently we explained WHY Jesus provided us what He did. We said that His motivation was for your enjoyment — simply to make you happy. This is not just something to make you feel better. This is, in fact, a biblically proven fact. God shared everything He has with you to make you happy! That’s the real reason.

When the Bible refers to the Father’s or Jesus’ inheritance, it refers to it as something that brings joy. Sometimes it just straight up calls it “joy” (Mat. 25:21). Jesus, when speaking about sharing His inheritance with us says:

John 17:13 (NKJV) …and these things I speak in the world, that they may have MY joy fulfilled in themselves.

Jesus spoke of sharing His inheritance with us and He spoke of it in His disciples’ hearing. Why? He said, that we might have HIS joy full in ourselves. That means that He wants us to experience the SAME joy that He experiences day-to-day.

At the right hand of God, Jesus enjoys all that is the Father’s constantly. It brings Him joy. Now He wants you to know it, so it can bring you the same joy that it brings Him.

Psalms 16:11 (NKJV) In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

1/15/21 – To Make You Happy (Quick Read)

This may sound overly simplistic, but it’s a heck of a revelation. Do you know why God provided what He provided for you? We talk about WHAT God provided through Jesus — life and immortality, righteousness and rest from your works. But do you know WHY God wanted to provide these things to you? Do you know what his motive was? Here it is:

1 Timothy 6:17 (KJV) …God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy

As simple as it may sound, God’s only motive in sharing everything that He has with you, through Jesus, was literally just to make you happy. 

I’m not speaking about the happiness that the world can feel (a false happiness) that is based on family members, a new car, people‘s approval, etc. Those are all physical things that we should not take our joy from. I’m talking about the inheritance we have through Jesus.

God shared all of these things with you to simply make you happy. That is truly and genuinely His only motive. It was not self-seeking of Him and it was not for His benefit. It simply pleased God to make you one with Himself, in everything that He owns. So now you get to enjoy it together with Him (John 17:22).

Enjoy your benefits today, loved one of God!

1/12/21 – Sane (Quick Read)

When Jesus is teaching you it’s going to sound a lot different than what the world is saying. But I would rather be sane, with everyone thinking I’m crazy, than to be crazy and the whole world agree with me. 

1 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV) But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him…