I’m Growing Out Of It (Quick Read)

Jesus has provided us healing for sickness (Isaiah 53:5). He has provided resurrection for the dead (John 11:25). He has provided everlasting strength for weakness and corruption (Isaiah 40:31). And because Jesus has provided a full solution to every single problem you could possibly encounter, there’s no longer any such thing as permanent or lifelong issues. No such thing.

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Whatever You Want, You Can See – Part 3 (Article)

In our last two articles, we have been explaining how we can see everything that Jesus put in us, manifest tangibly. Jesus told us that if we believe, we would see the glory of God manifest (John 11:40). This assurance that Jesus gave us, that we would see the glory of God, is called “hope” in the Bible. Hope is the sure expectancy that what we ALREADY have will manifest physically (Romans 8:24). That’s biblical hope.

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