Bible Symbols Glossary

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Bible Symbols Glossary

In the Bible, everything testifies about Jesus. A big part of this is found in symbols. God uses symbolic words to explain the knowledge of Jesus throughout all of the Bible. The writers of the Bible mentioned this often (Heb. 9:24, Gal. 4:24, Eph. 5:13, 1 Pet. 3:21). Here is a list of some of those symbolic words and their biblical definitions.

Altar – Possibly a person’s heart (Definition may be broader. Also see definition for “Burnt Sacrifices/Tithes/Various Offerings”).

Bread/Corn/Wheat/Grain – Life, something that makes active.

Burnt Sacrifices/Tithes/Various Offerings – Worship, thanksgiving (also see definition for “Altar”)

Buying/Spending Money – Used synonymously with labor, work.

Coat/Clothing – Probably something exterior, on the outside. Used for manifestation. Also used for flesh. Unclothed/naked would mean a spirit without a flesh/nothing exterior.

Cliff/Rock – Similar or the same as Mountain/Hill — Heaven or a native of Heaven. 

Dark/Shade/Shadow – Anything that makes things not visible, hidden. Either in the sense of blindness, concealment or in the sense of protection (also see glossary definition for “Light/Lamp/Brightness”).

Death – Something that makes inactive (dead therefore would mean “inactive”).

Dog – Fool, unlearned

Egypt – The Gentiles (meaning either non-Jew or non-heavenly, because Heaven is true Israel).

Fasting – Definition uncertain. Associated with rest and the Sabbath.

Fear/Trembling – Submission, obedience (definition may be broader). 

Fire – Similar or the same as Light/Lamp/Brightness. Probably something that makes things visible, manifest, exposed (also used in reference to testing, in the sense of proving/revealing the quality of something).

Fortresses/Walls – Definition uncertain. Refers to unbelief.

Fruit – Possibly strength or an exertion of strength.

Ground/Field/Clay/Dust – Flesh, man.

Hairy – Definition uncertain. Associated with prophets or prophesying.

Harlotry/Fornication – Turning away from the gospel.

Heart – Insides, inner

Inner Man/inner House – The mind (inner flesh)

Iron – Definition uncertain. Possibly something that crushes, breaks in pieces.

Light/Lamp/Brightness – Anything that makes things visible, manifest, exposed (also see definition for “Dark/Shade/Shadow”).

Lion – King, ruler

Mountain/Hill – Heaven or a native of heaven.

Oil/Olives/Anointing – Probably clear, without blockage or obstruction. Either in the sense of making something visible/manifest or in the sense of something being made smooth without hinderance. 

Ox/Donkey – Servant (also see definition for “Yoke”). 

The Sea/The Deep – Under the earth, underworld (Hell is either the name for the sea or is part of the sea).  

Staff/Rod – Probably correction or guidance.  

Stone – Still, by implication dead (because dead means inactive), by implication eternal (in the sense of enduring, remaining), by implication firm (in the sense of unmoving).  

Stone Rolled Away – Flesh no longer working, but the Spirit.  

Sword – Something that divides.  

Tent/Tabernacle/House/Dwelling – Flesh, body (definition may be broader). 

Thorns – Used as the opposite of fruit. Probably unprofitable, worthless. 

Waterless Pit – Under the earth, underworld (Hell is either the name for the pit or is part of the pit).  

Wine/Grapes/Vine/Intoxicating Drink – Something that causes thoughtlessness, forgetfulness, unconsciousness. By implication, it can refer to “causing rest,” in the sense of “thoughtless/careless.” Also by implication, it can refer to rejoicing the heart, due to it meaning thoughtless/careless. Being drunk can therefore mean all of the above as well.  

Yoke – Service (also see definition for “Ox/Donkey”).  

Keep checking back. More words to be added…

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