New Glossary Word Added!

We’ve just added a new word to our “Bible Symbols Glossary!” We’ve added the word “Crown/Upon The Head”. Check it out below!

If you’re not familiar with it, Jesus is hidden in symbols throughout the whole Bible (Col. 2:17). So this glossary breaks down the definitions for many symbolic words, and gives the biblical evidence for them.

We Don’t Need Revival (Article)

When people don’t seem to be enthusiastic about God, when things feel “dry“ (as they say), or if nothing much seems to be happening in our lives, what does the church say? “We need revival!” That’s the church’s word for needing a move of God to spice things up again! And as much as God has nothing against reviving people, we simply don’t understand, that for every believer, you’ve already been revived!

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Believer, You Are Not A Prodigal – Part 1 (Article)

I’m sure you’ve heard it at church before, “When you mess up or stray from God, the Lord is always there to welcome you back with open arms, like a loving Father — just like in the parable of The Prodigal Son.” The problem is, The Prodigal Son is not written about a believer. So, these things are simply not true for you. It’s much better than you think.

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