3/20/19 – Social Media

Have you noticed that we have stopped using Twitter in recent months? This is because Twitter does not allow you to turn replies off. Also, have you noticed that all of our YouTube videos have comments disabled? And even on Facebook, we have all comments automatically hidden by default.

Why? Is it because we have no interest in hearing the majority of people’s opinions on the Gospel we teach? Because we know that, despite the fact that we are still growing, we have heard from God and are 100% assured that this is the truth? Pretty much.

But also, whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or any social media platform, we want all of our listeners to be able to visit a safe place when viewing our content. Not a place smothered with the whole worlds opinions posted all over it, but a place where you can read/listen/watch and just enjoy how beautiful Jesus is. It’s media about Jesus, without all the fluff.

We don’t turn off comments because we don’t want to hear from you. It’s just that none of us need to be exposed to the kind of things unlearned people have to say. And oh, how many unlearned people there are online