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If we’d ask anything of you it would be: Give these teachings a chance! You will learn things you’ve never learned before!

ABC’s Of Receiving From God

Most Christians today do not know how to receive from God, but it’s very simple. We receive from God day-to-day the same way that we first received salvation.

God’s Sovereignty

God being sovereign just means that God is in full authority, but the notion that God controls everything is completely wrong. God’s will is done perfectly in heaven, but NOT on earth. If we want God’s will to come to pass on earth, that is dependent on our understanding of Jesus.

The Obedience Of Faith

What are God’s commandments? Did you think of the Ten Commandments? Well then you haven’t heard that in this NEW covenant, there is a NEW law. It’s called the obedience of faith.


Most teach that Jesus came to primarily save us from hell. While we are saved from hell, the truth is, Jesus came to primarily save us from the earth!


The judgment of the world has already occurred at the cross. There is no more wrath from God against people’s sins forever. Last Day Judgment is the judgment of the Devil and his angels’, which unbelievers will inherit apart from Jesus.

Giving And Tithing

Our giving and tithing is not a means of blessing from God at all. Receiving from God only comes through faith in Jesus. Tithing is actually a shadow of new covenant truths!

Eternal Life

Eternal life has nothing to do with an afterlife and it is not something reserved for heaven some time in the future. Eternal life is power that Jesus puts IN a person when they believe. And as they grow in knowledge, this life can be given to their physical, mortal bodies.

The Second Coming (The Resurrection)

We do not believe that we will receive anything when Jesus comes back again. There will only be a “revealing” of all that we have in Christ, for those who have not manifested those things fully yet.

The Trinity

We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but what the Bible teaches about them is very different than you’ve been taught before.

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Baptism in the Bible means purification/washing. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a second occurrence to salvation, but in fact IS salvation. Water baptism is a symbol of this.


God is not judging anyone for their sins anymore, but there is a godly, New Covenant vengeance that God takes to defend and protect those who believe on Him.

Communion (The Lord’s Supper)

Communion is supposed to be a meal to celebrate Jesus’ death — the elements of which (bread and wine) are symbolic and have no significance in themselves.


Physical wealth is not a part of the atonement, because Jesus did not provide us with anything corruptible. But the POWER to physical wealth IS part of the atonement!

The Bible

Scripture is inspired by God for our instruction, but God speaks to us the same way that He spoke to the men who wrote the Bible — by the Holy Spirit.

Questions And Answers

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