Heaven Now

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The Revealing

We do not believe that we will receive anything when Jesus comes back again. There will only be a “revealing” of all that we already have in Christ, for those who have not manifested it fully yet.

The New World

All of creation will be made completely new when Jesus comes back, but we ourselves have access to all of the power of that age to come, now. In fact, it is in us.

Cleansed Once For All

When we first receive Jesus, we are forgiven and cleansed once for all time. There is no need to repeatedly confess your sins or ask for forgiveness ever again. Jesus died for sins forever!

Following Jesus

In John 10, the sheep following Jesus is not referring to us taking direction from Jesus for our life. Following Jesus is actually referring to us following Him into the same power that He received in His resurrection! Don’t believe us? Listen to this topic!

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