Identity In Jesus

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Righteousness Basics

For those who believe in Jesus, you are not a sinner anymore! You do not have a sinful nature. You are as right as God Himself is! And that, not by your works, but through Jesus’ work (also see our “Cleansed Once For All” Topic)!

Free From Guilt And Blame

Our sin deserved blame, but Jesus took it all! So God isn’t blaming you anymore! If you are in Christ, your conscience can rest easy, knowing you are now free from all guilt and accusation before God (also see our “Judgement Fulfilled” topic).

Just Like Jesus

We are not becoming more like Jesus as believers. We are as much like Jesus NOW as we will ever be. We can only grow in our knowledge, and manifest, how much like Jesus we already are, through the cross!

Walking In Your Newness

Since we are already like Jesus, we don’t need to be cleansed, empowered, or saved any further. By the renewal of our minds, we just need to walk in the newness we already have!

Cleansed Once For All

When we first receive Jesus, we are forgiven and cleansed once for all time. There is no need to repeatedly confess your sins or ask for forgiveness ever again. Jesus died for sins forever!

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