Our Inheritance

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Most teach that Jesus came to primarily save us from hell. While we are saved from hell, the truth is, Jesus came to primarily save us from the earth!

Resurrection And Eternal Life

Eternal life has nothing to do with an afterlife and it is not something reserved for heaven some time in the future (1 Tim. 6:12). Eternal life is power that Jesus puts IN us when we believe. As we grow in knowledge, this life can be given to keep someone alive or to raise the dead.

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

In the Bible, baptism means purification/washing. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a second occurrence to salvation, but in fact IS salvation. Water baptism is a symbol of this.


We have everything that Jesus has — nothing more, nothing less. Is Jesus hated today? Yes. So then we will be too. Is Jesus dying for the Gospel’s sake today? No, death no longer has dominion over Him. And it doesn’t have dominion over us either.

Our Authority

Part of being joint-heirs with Jesus is that we share in His authority over all things! God desires that we use this authority to give life to this world. It’s called “Reigning in Life.”

Power To Wealth

Physical wealth is not a part of the atonement, because Jesus did not provide us with anything corruptible. But the POWER to physical wealth IS part of the atonement!

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