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How To Handle Emotions

Your emotions just follow your thinking. If you think things are bad, you’ll feel bad. But if you realize how good you have it in Jesus, your emotions will change automatically (and your circumstance). Simple (Also see the “Fight Of Faith” topic).

Emotions: Fear And Worry

The root cause of fear, worry, or any negative emotion is misinformation regarding Jesus. Once the truth is present, correct emotions will follow.

Emotions: Inferiority

You can’t feel jealousy, envy, inferiority, or low self-esteem unless you first receive the belief that you have less. If you knew that you are the same as Jesus now, how could you have less? (also see our “Just Like Jesus” topic)


Knowing Jesus leads to all forms of wisdom, and it will affect our political views as well!


Strong relationships come from sharing a common understanding of Jesus. A relationship flourishing is hinged on that common understanding.


There are many godly things to do when raising children, but none of them is more important than giving your kids a chance to know Jesus. Everything in their life will fall into place if that is prioritized.

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