The Truth About God

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The Sovereignty Of God

God being sovereign just means that God is in full authority, but the notion that God controls everything is completely wrong. God’s will is done perfectly in heaven, but NOT on earth. If we want God’s will to come to pass on earth, that is dependent on our understanding of Jesus.

Suffering: It’s Not From God

God is blamed for all types of suffering in the world. If only people realized that Jesus came to suffer FOR them, not to inflict suffering ON them.

The Love Of God

God’s love is not demonstrated in physical things like family, friends, or creation itself. God’s love was demonstrated one time, and one time only. And that was when Jesus provided the fullness of His Spirit to us at the cross.

The Trinity

We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but what the Bible teaches about them is very different than you’ve been taught before.

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