What To Expect


When You Enter

…you will be greeted by one of our ushers or greeters and you will be given a First Time Visitor Form to fill out at your leisure in the sanctuary (our meeting room).

During Service

…our countdown will begin to notify you when service is starting and then Miss Lindsay (our worship leader) will begin worship.

After worship, Bro. Matt will come up to take care of announcements. Then we will give an opportunity to give.

Pastor Jose will then come up to begin the message.

We do believe in all of the gifts of the spirit and we will practice them at times. The gifts are a clear part of scripture and we will therefore not follow any doctrine that prohibits them. Plenty of times we have changed the order of service to accommodate this, but everything is always done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:33).

We will always assure you of what is going on if someone shares anything or demonstrates a gift. There will be no confusion due to lack of explanation. And if you ever have a question that wasn’t explained, we are always available to answer any questions after service.

Duration Of Service

…is typically an hour and a half long. If service goes much longer we formally dismiss everyone and allow those who want to stay back remain.

Reform Church’s One Goal

…is to show people the truth of Jesus. If your goal is to know that truth, then you’ll love it here. If that is not your goal, trust us, Reform Church is not for you. There are a lot of churches that try to appeal to people through a lot of different things, but our one goal will always be to teach people Jesus. And if you’d like to hear it, Reform Church would love to share it with you!